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Our team

We are from Ukraine, we are from Nikolaev! Our team is stronger than ever! Friends and partners strongly support our initiatives:

💛 Delivery of cars for the Armed Forces 💙
💛 Repair and re-equipment of cars for the Armed Forces 💙
💛 Delivery of humanitarian aid 💙
💛 Army assistance 💙

Together we are where we are needed and we are doing everything possible to bring Ukraine closer to victory!

Our initiatives

We from Ukraine, we from Nikolaev! Everyone has their own front, everyone helps where they need it most. The Nikolaev group of automobile companies “AUTOMIR” chose a way of transformation in these difficult times. Before the war, we were a successful business – car dealerships and service stations. From the first days of the war, we mobilized our efforts to help the country and the local community donated many vehicles to the Armed Forces, perform and perform maintenance of ambulances, the Armed Forces, police and vehicles of all other critical areas.

Our goal

Volunteering is not a business. The reward for all of us will be victory. Let's stop the war in Ukraine together!

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If you are a volunteer, or just want to help or send a proposal - we are always in touch!


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Now that our staff has joined the team of volunteers, we continue to do what we do well. We deliver cars from Europe and the world for the needs of the Armed Forces, doctors, volunteers; we carry out their re-equipment and maintenance; we are looking for and delivering humanitarian goods needed by the southern region of Ukraine, which is in the zone of active hostilities. Now we are an initiative public organization "South of Ukraine"! Join the team, together to win! Everything will be Ukraine!


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Let’s stop the war in Ukraine together!