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Our Projects


Cars for the Armed Forces

The main initiative of the Humanitarian Center "South of Ukraine" is the delivery of cars for the Armed Forces from Europe and around the world. We know cars well, so we can organize this process as best we can. Our defenders need iron horses. Let's help them together!

Humanitarian Help

While cars go to the Armed Forces, humanitarian aid goes to Ukrainians! We use every opportunity to deliver the most necessary things needed by the population in these difficult times, from abroad. Every car is fully loaded, because people are waiting for us in Ukraine!

TECH Assistance for the Armed Forces

This initiative envisages a technical inspection, diagnostics and repair of cars before crossing the Poland-Ukraine border. This opportunity to visit the service station is created for volunteers who want to help the Armed Forces with cars and speed up the victory. We invite everyone who helps the army with cars to a roadworthiness test!

Our Team

Vitalii Lozenko


Anna Lozenko


Vladyslav Sulytsia


Pavlo Vyshnevui


Let’s stop the war in Ukraine together!